Day 61

We are, each of us, the mirrors by which we see and know ourselves; we are distressed when our reflections are unrecognizable. Is it because we truly don’t know ourselves? Is it because the mirror gives a distorted vision, due to its own cracks and imperfections? Yes, and yes. Life is a process by which we gain little glimpses of larger truths. A life well spent is one in which we acknowledge the imperfections within us and around us, and in each other, and accept them, knowing they’re not the whole story. A life well spent may not always find it easy to celebrate these blemishes, but is aware that a gem is less precious without its facets. Contour and texture are our touchstones this day. For wisdom to navigate the rougher edges of life, we give thanks. Blessed Be, and Amen.

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1 Response to Day 61

  1. pmacott says:

    Lenny, I may someday steal this and use it in a funeral/memorial service, this is wonderful.

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