Day 65

A prayer for faraway friends. We are separated by miles and circumstance, by means but not by meaning. I see your pain, and I despair: how might I lend you my resources? How might I carry your burden? How might I ease your suffering? Would that I could wire you some compassion, or mail you a mood. Perhaps a gift card of goodwill, or a healing voucher. Alas, I have these not. So I’ll send what I can: positive energy into the world. I’ll comfort someone closer to me, cast the stone and watch the ripples emanate. They will reach you, I know they will: that is the Way of the world. For the gentle lake of Life, and the tidal connectivity we share, we are eternally grateful. Blessed Be, and Amen.

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1 Response to Day 65

  1. pmacott says:

    This one touched deep chords and brought tears to my eyes, for I have many friends out of immediate reach too. Thank you so much.

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