Day 67

So many things to be known in a life! To be seen, felt, heard, and experienced. A bow drawn on the strings of a cello. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The precision of the surgeon’s scalpel. Isadora Duncan. Algebraic manipulations. How can we do it all? If life is experience, how do we maximize the experience in so brief a time? The best we can is the answer. Be involved, be curious, be aware, be open, be present, be surprised, be delighted, be moved to tears…BE! May we, this day, find something new, something we’ve not yet experienced. May we seek out our lives unfolding, and venture boldly into the dawning day. For music, science, art, religion, theatre, culinary delights, dance, and all that expresses the sublime in life, we give thanks. Blessed Be, and Amen.

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