Day 125

In prayer, it is tempting to petition for our desires, whether they be material, psychological, metaphysical or spiritual.  This, however, is not the purpose of prayer.  We pray to remind ourselves of the spiritual path we follow.  We pray to remain mindful in our daily living.  We pray to remind ourselves that there is a great mystery, of which we are a part.  We live in a complex world, with many demands and distractions.  These are not bad things – they just are things, constructs of our existence.  They hold as much importance as we give to them.  Prayer helps us keep them in considered balance, reminding us that we can choose where to assign our reverence, for revere we will.  Our prayer today: that we may continue our practice of prayer, grounding us and guiding us in our journey towards wholeness.  We are mightily thankful for prayer.  Blessed Be, and Amen.

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