Day 135

When attempting to name the Infinite Mystery, as soon as words are used, we immediately begin to stray from the truth.  The vastness of that which is First and Last defies labels, is too great to point and say, “there it is – right there.  It is that, and nothing more.”  Our words are too meager, too inadequate.  Why then these prayers?  Prayer, meditation, chanting – it is all process.  We seek not to definitively name, for that is a fools errand.  Rather, we reflect, we still the mind, and catch glimpses out of the corner of our Being.  Like the shadow that skirts our vision as soon as we turn our sight to it, the Infinite Mystery will not fully show itself to us.  Not because it is too far away, but rather, perhaps, because it is too intimately close.  We are it’s manifestation.  Collectively we are part of it, but we are not the sum of it.  Seek enlightenment, but know that it is not necessarily understanding.  For Mystery we give thanks and praise.  Blessed Be, and Amen.

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