Day 173

Here’s to accidental inspiration: the web of life is infinite, and ultimately unknowable.  Yet, when one strand is pulled here, a hanging dew drop falls there.  Reverberation is the hum of the universe, the white noise of existence.  This is why we must be mindful of our actions and our words.  This is why we need to live with intention and integrity.  We have no way to know what response will come from what we do this day, but we must be responsible, we must be accountable.  So, let us, this day, go about our business as we must, but let us plant at the center of our being a drum, so that we may feel and hear the resonance of life, pulsing and constant as a heartbeat, and know that we are the hand upon that drum, beating out the rhythm of life.  We are grateful for percussion.  Blessed Be, and Amen.

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