Day 286

We see ourselves through each others eyes.  We learn of ourselves filtered through another person’s experiences.  We also know ourselves from our inner life, which is also a composite of all of our interactions.  We are very much made up of each other; we are inextricable from one another.  Yet we find it so easy to be critical of one another.  Cruelty is commonplace.  Judgement is rampant.  What are we saying about ourselves when we practice such negativity?  We must begin the process of loving ourselves, which we cannot do without loving each other.  We cannot love each other without first loving ourselves.  The answer is simple: the answer is Love.  The Answer is Love.  The answer to any and every question is Love.  The solution to every dilemma is Love.  The resolution of all conflict is Love.  All you need is Love.  For this Truth we rejoice!  Blessed Be, and Amen.

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