Day 365

A prayer to end all prayers: when have we prayed enough?  When is the slate washed clean and we are absolved of all our indiscretions?  When do we become perfectly whole, and wholly perfect?  Or was that ever really what praying was all about?  Life is one thing if it is nothing else – process.  It is movement and change and growth.  It is set-backs and failures and disappointments.  It is agony and ecstasy.  Prayer is merely our constant companion.  It is our mantra.  It is our breath.  It is rattle and hum.  It is cosmic vibration.  It is you, and it is me.  May we ever be present and mindful to the wonder of our miraculous existence, simultaneously thankful and forgiving.  We are Enough, and we are All, and we are Holy perfect and perfectly Holy.  For prayer without end we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen!

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