We Belong

We belong.  We have been here since the beginning of time.  We are made entirely of the universe.  We will never leave.  We belong.

We belong.  I am me as you are you as we are they and we are all together.  We constantly trade essential pieces of each other through the essential act of breathing.  We belong.

We belong.  In our infancy we first become aware of who we are through social interaction.  By connecting with others we understand that we are whole within ourselves.  We belong.

We belong.  We are not Nation, we are not Specie, we are not Race or Religion.  We are Universe.  We are Multiverse.  We are Beginning and End.  We Belong.

For our deep sense of belonging we are eternally and infinitely grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.

Reflection of forest and sun in water

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