Spiritual Navigation

Behold!  Life is lived in perception, intuition, and vulnerability.  We react accordingly and move on, over and over and over again.  We are beholden to our perceptions, and yet our experience has taught us that those intuitive senses are not always trustworthy.  Spiritual re-calibration is the purpose of our practice, to discern the world around us with deeper empathy, old wisdom, and infinite compassion.  May our inner-instrumentation guide us on a righteous path of purer understanding as we pilot our way through life, lifted in love and boundless in potential.  For holy navigation we give thanks.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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1 Response to Spiritual Navigation

  1. pmacott says:

    I read this one out loud – especially uplifting. “A righteous path of purer understanding.” Amen to that.

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