The Name Game

What’s in a name?  We are named at birth; most carry the name for a lifetime, some choose a new name.  Some are named for forebearers, others for places or totems.  What do we owe to our names?  What becomes of our identity when we are denied our names?  Let us reflect on our own identities, and how we present ourselves to the world.  Let us consider how we are known to each other, and how we recognize one another.  Let us avoid a crisis of identity, and let no one steal our identity.  We are each of us unique, and that is cause for celebration.  For knowing ourselves and each other we give thanks.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Simple Love

Let’s keep it simple today.  Relationships are complex, the world demands so much, global issues are daunting.  In the midst of all this is Us, small, seemingly insignificant; and yet We are All.  So let us reduce to the most simple common denominator: Love.  Love for self, Love for others, Love for Life in all its forms.  When we set aside our assumptions and our prejudices, Love becomes Simple, and its Practice is a joy.  May we practice Simple Love today and all our days, and love our way into Gratitude.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Who shall we be today?  To what will we dedicate ourselves?  Where does our great passion meet the world’s great longing?  What is our calling?  The answer may be as simple as stepping out the door, walking down the street.  It may be walking barefoot in the grass, or removing snow from an elderly neighbor’s walk.  We are not always called to do Great Things, only to do all Things Greatly.  May we live into our own Greatitude, today and all days.  We are greatful, and we are grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Yesterday’s Gratitude is Today’s Action.

Yesterday’s Mindfulness is Today’s Reverence.

Yesterday’s Generosity is Today’s Grace.

Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away…

Life is a cycle, metamorphosing one state into the next.  We won’t always be happy, but our suffering will become our joy.  We won’t always be grounded, but our instability will become balance.  Our prayer today, which we will forget tomorrow, is to endure our fluxing state, that we may blossom into our beauty.  We will wither and die a thousand times, only to be reborn with all the promise and potential of our own resurrections.  In Gratitude we say Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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The Transaction of Hospitality

Welcome.  Make yourself at home.  Get comfortable.  Mi mundo es su mundo.  Let us cultivate our radical hospitality, which is not a one sided exchange.  Gracious acceptance is an equal partner in the hospitality transaction.  As we give, so we receive.  As we are called to extend ourselves, so to are we to be open and receptive.  Life is dialog rather than soliloquy, so today let us again strike up the conversation.  We are Grateful Beings.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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A Short Story

Today is a blank page, and our actions will write our story upon it.  May we so act that the story will be pleasing to us and to the ages.  For page potential we are grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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We don’t make friends – we meet them.  Everywhere we go there is the potential for new and meaningful friendships.  There are billions of other souls on Earth, affording each of us a nearly infinite number of possible friends: let us call this Infrienditude.  Infrienditude calls us to treat each and every person we meet as a possible ally, helpmate, confidant.  The Golden Rule, which invokes us to not do unto others that which we would not have done to us is Infrienditude.  May we move through our days greeting each and every as an unmet friend.  Acting thus, we will build World Community, a global neighborhood of cohorts.  For Infrienditude we are Grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Lucky Being

Life unfolds, acts upon us, and we call it Luck.  The universe does not know Luck, although it is intimately familiar with Chance.  Inasmuch, the universe may seem cold, impersonal; and yet you and I and everyone know is part of that same universe, and we know each other to be personal, personable.  Luck is our way of humanizing the universe, to feel familiar in the vastness of infinitude.  So welcome luck in all its forms, for it is the universe’s way of introducing itself to you!  Press your luck, and you will find a friend with boundless possibilities.  We are lucky to be grateful, and grateful to be lucky.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Life Out of Time

Today is so small on the scale of universe time, that it is infinitely huge.  Time truly is an illusion, possibly invented by an ad agency interested in selling watches.  Let us not be slaves to time, nor shall we be masters.  May we live outside the confines of time by constantly being present.  May we mark our conscious awakening with deeds well done, friends well loved, and self well known.  May our lives become a curated collection of caring, and in no time at all we will all be whole.  For this life out of time we are grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Song of Life

Listen – Life is singing.  Listen to the clickety-click of dogs nails on wood floors.  Listen to the soft whoosh of cars on newly wet streets.  Listen to children playing several doors down.  Listen to the sighs of elderly ladies.  Listen to the first lone cricket of spring.  Listen to the spin cycle ramp up.  Listen to your own heart beating.  The song of Life is composed in every waking moment.  Some movements are soft and low, others loud and crashing.  There is melody and rhythm all around us and deep within us.  Let Life’s Song bring us comfort and companionship, the soundtrack to our journey, and may we too sing praises to the miracle of existence.  For this choir of angels we give thanks.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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