Please and Thank You

Please and Thank You is our prayer today.  Let us practice asking for the things we need, practice asking of others what they need, and practice gratitude.  This gratitude extends beyond things received; gratitude is for the opportunity to give, and for times when we are denied what we wish, but are grateful for being heard.  And so our prayer: Please, may I be of service, and Thank You for seeing and hearing me.  May our day be blessed with Gratitude.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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This Artistic Life

Muse of All Ages, Inspire us as we create the masterpiece of Life.  Show us where the beauty lies, and make our talents sufficient to express it.  May we bring forth the light of truth, the shadow of despair, the form of truth and the landscape of be-ing as we create this artistic life.  We are Creator and Subject simultaneously, in the eternally ongoing performance; Audience and Performer, yin and yang.  This is the cosmic dance, the passion play, the High Expression.  Rejoice!  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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We Are a Blessing

Providence guide us, Love sustain us, Compassion direct us as we venture forth today.   May we find ourselves grounded, assured of our worth, and fully present in all that we do.  May we practice simple kindness, to others and to ourselves, and may we seek to do only Good today, in whatever form it may take.  We are, each of us, a blessing to the world: we are grateful to find fulfillment in our sacred calling.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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The Heart of the Matter

When we choose other’s needs first, with no promise of personal gain;

When it’s easier to leave, and we choose to stay;

When anger is the default, and we choose to forgive ourselves instead;

When ambivalence is easy, and we choose to engage;

When judgement seems certain, and we choose a new perspective;

Then, and only then, have we arrived at the Heart of the matter.  All matter matter’s – may we strive to find our heart.  We are thankful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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To Infinity and Beyond

Where we come from and where we are bound may be exactly where we are at right now.  Perhaps the states of pre-birth and post-consciousness are really no different than this moment we call life.  We are therefore called to set aside these preoccupations, and simply Live with joy and integrity.  Why spend eternity consumed with anxiety?  May we find our natural state – the storm is merely perceived, and we are truly calm and serene.  To live thus is to be Enlightened.  May it be so.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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A Bedtime Prayer

Peace of Mind, Peace of Body, Peace of Soul.  Let night draw us in as we decompress from all that Life has offered us today.  May our experience be transformed into memory.  May we rest and rejuvenate.  We now break from our regularly scheduled attachments; serenity descends.  Rest ye, all, and rest ye well.  For sleep we are grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.

Dark Sacred Night II(1)

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Because You Can

Who hears our prayers?  We do.  Praying is an act of healing, of focusing, of celebrating, of mourning, of reflection.  We pray to remind ourselves of the awe and wonderment that is at the core of Life.  We pray because the fact that we are even here at all, able to take this in is miraculous.  Simply put, pray because you can!  If we keep this One Truth at the heart of our prayers, then everything we do will become a holy act.  So pray not because you want something, not because you fear something, not because things didn’t go exactly how you desired, but rather pray because you want, because you fear, because you love, because you desire.  Pray because you can, and that will be enough.  We are thankful for prayer.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.

13 spiritual wallpaper_0

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How can we describe all that is life?

How can we begin to express all that we feel?

How can we process our deepest grief?

How can we express our infinite gratitude?

How can we give flight to our most profound longings?

How can we but sing for the marvel of creation?

May our prayers begin to answer all the Hows that we encounter, all the Whys that we ponder, all the Whens that we anticipate, and may they guide us into Be-ing with Grace and Wisdom.  We give thanks.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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Pilgrim Souls

On the road of living we have many companions: Joy is the traveler that puts spring in our step; Fear will often cause us to halt, or sometimes to run; Shame will trick us into believing we are alone on the road; Pride will help us only so long before taking us down a dead-end detour; Grief at first seems a forlorn companion, but eventually proves to be forthright and true.  Together this cadre of sojourners serve to guide our steps, shape the landscape, and in the fullness of time bring us to our Ultimate Destination, which is not Death, but rather Life.  May we bravely venture forth, relish each step, our passports at the ready to be stamped at every border and outpost.   We have Pilgrim Souls and for this we are grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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The sun shines brightly on the clear cold morning – two worlds coexisting.  The bite of the air bruises the lungs, the radiance so sharp it blinds.  The breath in through the nose is cool and numbing.  The breath out through the mouth is vaporous, warm.  Freezing and thawing in the same instant.  Everything is always present: there is no past nor a future that doesn’t exist in the Now.  All that we have been, and all that we are yet to become focuses like a laser into our presence.  May we find fulfillment in this moment, for there are no others.  We are Present, and we are the Presence.  We are Grateful.  Blesséd Be, and Amen.


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